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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions - September to December 2023

Current IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions

Please note that these questions are a guide and they may be slightly different in the real test and/or other questions may be asked during the test

1. Work/study – always a topic in Part 1
• Do you work or are you a student?
• Where do you work?
• Do you think it is a good place to work?
• Why did you choose this job?
• What do you enjoy most about your job?
• Have you always wanted to do this job?
• What training did you need to do for this job?
• What are your work plans for the future?
• What do you study?
• Where do you study?
• Do you think this is a good place to study?
• Have you always wanted to study this?
• What is the most interesting part of your study?
• Is there anything you don’t like about your study?
• What are your study plans for the future?

2. Hometown – always a topic in Part 1
• What kind of place is your hometown?
• What are the most interesting things to do there?
• What kind of jobs do people do there?
• Would you say it is a good or bad place to live?
• How do you travel around your hometown?
• Would you prefer to live in a bigger or smaller place?

3. Place you live at the moment – always a topic in Part 1
• Where do you live now?
• What do you like about your area of the town/city?
• Is there anything you don’t like about your area of the town/city?
• Do you expect to continue living in this town/city for a long time?

4. Bags (May 2023 - December 2023)
• Do you like bags?
• What type of bags do you like?
• Do you have bags for different occasions?
• Do you usually carry a bag when you go out?
• What do you put in your bag?
• When you are buying a bag, what factors are important to you?

5. Wild animals (May 2023 - December 2023)
• What’s your favourite wild animal?
• Are there wild animals in your country?
• Have you ever seen a wild animal?
• Where can we see wild animals?
• Do you like seeing wild animals in zoos?

6. Rain (May 2023 - December 2023)
• Do you prefer rainy days or sunny days?
• What do you do on rainy days?
• Do you like wet weather?
• What do you usually do when you are outside and it starts to rain?
• How does rain affect life in your country?

7. Teachers (May 2023 - December 2023)
• Would you like to be a teacher?
• Did you have a favourite teacher when you were at school?
• What kind of teachers do you like?
• Do you think teachers should get angry at students?
• Can you describe a teacher from your high school?
• What’s the difference between young and old teachers?

8. Concentration (May 2023 - December 2023)
• When do you need to concentrate?
• What do you do to help you concentrate?
• Is it difficult for you to stay focused on something?
• What might distract you when you are trying to stay focused?
• Is it easy for you to do two things at the same time?

9. Friends (May 2023 - December 2023)
• Do you have many friends?
• Are friends important to you?
• What do you and your friends do together?
• What kind of people do you choose to have as friends?
• Are you still friends with your friends from primary school?

10. Languages (May 2023 - December 2023)
• What foreign languages have you studied?
• Why did you choose to study that language/those languages?
• How did you study the language/the languages?
• How long have you been learning this language/these languages?
• Would you like to learn any other languages?
• Do you think language learning is difficult?

11. Ice cream (May 2023 - December 2023)
• Do you like ice cream?
• How often do you eat ice cream?
• What flavour of ice cream is your favourite?
• Why do you think so many people like ice cream?
• Did you like ice cream when you were younger?

12. Fixing things (May 2023 - December 2023)
• Can you fix things?
• What things can you fix?
• Have you ever asked someone to teach you how to fix things?
• Do you think fixing things is a necessary skill?
• Did you ask people to fix things when you were a child?

13. Days of the week (May 2023 - December 2023)
• What’s your favourite day of the week?
• What’s your typical daily routine?
• Is there anything that you do every day?
• What do you usually do at the weekend?

14. Dreams and ambitions (May 2023 - December 2023)
• Do you think you are an ambitious person?
• What was your dream when you were a child?
• What is your main ambition in life now?
• Are you the kind of person who never gives up on dream?

15. Health (May 2023 - December 2023)
• How do you keep healthy?
• Is it difficult for people in your country to keep healthy?
• What kinds of exercise do you do?
• What sports help people stay healthy?

16. Days off (May 2023 - December 2023)
• What do you do when you have a day off?
• When was the last time you had a few days off?
• Do you usually spend your days off with your friends or family?
• What would you do if you had a day off tomorrow?

17. Riding a bike (May 2023 - December 2023)
• Did you have a bike when you were young?
• Did you ride a bike to school?
• How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike?
• Do you ride a bike now?
• Are bikes popular in your country?

18. Fishing (September 2023 - April 2023)
Is fishing popular in your country?
• Is fishing a good hobby?
• Do you like eating fish?
• Have you ever been to a place where there are lots of fish around you?
• Have you seen any movies with lots of fish?
• Why do people like keeping fish as pets?

19. Robots (September 2023 - April 2023)
Are robots important?
• How can robots affect people’s lives?
• Are you interested in robots?
• Would you like robots to work in your home?
• Would you like to use a car driven by a robot?

20. Geography (September 2023 - April 2023)
Do you like geography?
• Did you study geography at school?
• Are you good at reading maps?
• Would you visit a country because of its geographical location?

21. Gifts (September 2023 - April 2023)
What kinds of gifts are popular in your country?
• What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
• What gifts do you give to others?
• How often do you buy gifts for other people?
• Do you like giving expensive gifts?
• Why do people give gifts?
• Have you ever received a gift you didn’t like?

22. Running (September 2023 - April 2023)
Do you like running?
• How often do you go for a run?
• Where do you usually go running?
• Do you think running is a good way to say healthy?

23. Films (September 2023 - April 2023)
Do you like watching films?
• What kind of films do you like?
• How often do you go to the cinema?
• Did you go to the cinema when you were a child?
• What was the first film you watched?
• Do you like to watch films alone of with friends?
• Do you prefer foreign films or films made in your country?
• Do you like to go to the cinema with your friends?

24. Tea and coffee (September 2023 - April 2023)
Are tea and coffee popular in your country?
• Do people prefer tea or coffee nowadays?
• Do you prefer to drink tea or coffee?
• Do you often drink tea and coffee?
• Do you often buy tea or coffee in a café or shop?

25. Noise (September 2023 - April 2023)
Do you mind noise?
• Do any noises bother you?
• Do you think there’s too much noise in today’s world?
• What type of noise do you come across in your daily life?
• Are there any sounds that you like?

26. Musical instruments (September 2023 - April 2023)
Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument?
• What musical instruments do you enjoy listening to the most?
• Do you think children should learn to play an instrument at school?
• Do you think music education is important for children?

27. Helping others (September 2023 - April 2023)
Do you usually help others?
• How do you help others e.g. neighbours, family, and friends?
• Did your parents teach you how to help others?
• Did your parents help you a lot when you were young?
• What have you done to help the elderly?

28. Maps (September 2023 - April 2023)
When was the first time you used a map?
• How often do you use a map?
• Did you learn how to use a map when you were a child?
• Are you good at reading maps?
• Do you prefer electronic or paper maps?

29. Chatting (September 2023 - April 2023)
Do you like chatting with friends?
• What do you usually chat about with friends?
• Do you prefer to chat with a group of people or with only one friend?
• Do you prefer to communicate face-to-face or via social media?
• Do you ever argue with your friends?

30. Clothes (September 2023 - April 2023)
What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
• What kind of clothes do you never wear?
• Do you wear the same style of clothes on weekdays and weekends?
• What colour clothes do you like to wear?
• Do people in your country like to wear bright colours?
• What are the differences between men and women’s colour preferences?

31. Transportation (September 2023 - April 2023)
• What’s the most popular means of transportation in your hometown?
• Is driving to work popular in your country?
• Are there any traffic problems in your area?
• Will you use more public transport in the future?
• How do you think public transport could be improved?

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