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IELTS Writing Task 2 - Model Answer - Modern technology at work

IELTS Writing Task 2 Model Answer

Modern technology is now very common in most workplaces. How do you think this has changed the way we work?

Over the last couple of decades, offices and other work-spaces have experienced
astonishing changes as computer systems, smartphones and other electronic devices have taken over. There is little doubt that this revolution has impacted hugely on almost every aspect of employment. In particular, working patterns, the quality and quantity of work done, and relationships between colleagues have altered radically and for the worse. 

Before the advent of technology, it was relatively common for employees to complete a standard eight-hour working day in the office. Nowadays, anyone employed by an organization is likely to receive texts or emails from management or co-workers at any time, and will be expected to reply or take action. We are all contactable, available and accountable twenty-four hours a day and consequently our private lives suffer. 

Almost nobody would dispute the fact that technology has led to an increase in the volume of work most of us have to deal with. We are overwhelmed by text messages demanding a response and an avalanche of emails every time we switch on the laptop. The option of working quietly or concentrating for long periods no longer exists. We have to multi-task and the quality of work done is diminished as a result. 

Finally, having a job has been made less enjoyable by the encroachment of technology. We now have a wider circle of colleagues and acquaintances but the opportunity for a relaxed work-related chat has gone. We stare into our screens and avoid face-to-face interaction whenever possible. Technology has thus dehumanized workers. 

Overall, it seems fair to argue that the technological advances have negatively affected how staff work in various ways. Although some enlightened companies have taken steps to protect and support employees, most organizations fail to take this matter seriously. I am afraid that as modern technology becomes more powerful and pervasive in the world of business, those in employment will find work increasingly difficult. 


  • astonishing = surprising
  • revolution = major change
  • radically = hugely
  • the advent of = the appearance of; the development of
  • co-workers = colleagues
  • private lives = life outside work
  • dispute the fact = argue
  • overwhelmed = drowning in a huge amount of
  • an avalanche of = a huge amount of
  • multi-task = do several things as once
  • a wider circle of = a larger group of
  • dehumanized = to remove from a person the special human qualities of independent thought, feeling for other people, etc 
  • enlightened = having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook 
  • pervasive = (especially of an unwelcome influence or physical effect) spreading widely throughout an area or a group of people 

IELTS Writing Tip

There is some really complex language in this essay and using phrases such as '...dispute the fact that' will really make your writing much more complex. This phrase could be used for many topics so is a really useful one to learn.
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