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IELTS Speaking - New words in English (very useful for Lexical Resource)

Sound like a native speaker with these Band 9 words and phrases!

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In IELTS Speaking, lexical resource (vocabulary) is one of the criteria used to assess a candidate's performance. It is evaluated based on the following aspects:

Range of vocabulary: Examiners assess the candidate's ability to use a wide range of vocabulary. This includes using different words, phrases, and expressions to convey meaning accurately and effectively. Candidates who demonstrate a varied vocabulary and avoid repetitive language are likely to score higher in this aspect.

Lexical resource accuracy: Accuracy refers to the correct and appropriate use of vocabulary. Candidates should demonstrate an understanding of word meanings, collocations, and idiomatic expressions, using them accurately in context. Making errors in word choice or using vocabulary inappropriately may lead to a lower score in this area.

Vocabulary sophistication: Examiners also evaluate the sophistication of a candidate's vocabulary. This refers to the ability to use advanced or complex words and phrases appropriately. Candidates who incorporate sophisticated vocabulary, demonstrating an understanding of nuances and subtleties, are likely to receive higher marks.

Idiomatic language and collocations: Effective use of idiomatic expressions and collocations is another aspect assessed under lexical resource. Candidates who can incorporate idioms and collocations naturally and accurately into their speech show a higher level of vocabulary mastery.

Vocabulary flexibility: The ability to adapt vocabulary to different topics and contexts is also evaluated. Candidates should demonstrate the capacity to discuss a range of subjects, using appropriate and relevant vocabulary for each topic. Being able to discuss abstract concepts and handle diverse topics effectively contributes to a higher score.

Examiners evaluate these aspects holistically, considering the candidate's overall vocabulary performance throughout the speaking test. It's important to note that lexical resource is only one of the criteria in the IELTS Speaking assessment, alongside fluency and coherence, grammatical range and accuracy, and pronunciation. Therefore, candidates should aim to showcase a strong vocabulary while also focusing on other areas to maximise their overall speaking score.

In this video, we look at five new words/phrase in English that will help you to show the IELTS examiner that you have a range of vocabulary and you can demonstrate vocabulary sophisititcation.

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