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Bite-size IELTS Grammar - How to use WOULD in IELTS Speaking

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In IELTS Speaking, the IELTS examiner is listening for a range of tenses for Grammatical Range and Accuracy. Many IELTS candidates get nervous and just use the present simple or the past simple. This is not going to get you a high band score for Grammatical Range and Accuracy in IELTS Speaking. Remember that Grammatical Range and Accuracy is 25% of your overall band score for IELTS Speaking so you need to use a range of different tenses and structures. In this video, we show you how to use 'WOULD + infinitive' in the IELTS Speaking exam. This is a great way to impress the IELTS examiner because it is a complex and unusual (for non-native speakers of English) way of talking about repeated actions in the past.

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