Dec 28

Useful words for IELTS Writing and Speaking: Consequently and Subsequently

Band 7+ Discourse markers for IELTS Speaking and IELTS Writing

consequently = as a result
subsequently = later in time; after that 


  • Over the past few years, millions of people have migrated from the countryside to major cities. Consequently, these urban areas have become overcrowded and the quality of life has diminished. (= Life has got worse because more people have moved to the cities)

  • Many migrants have made perilous journeys from impoverished regions to affluent parts of the world in the belief that life will be better. Subsequently, many have discovered that living in the so-called developed world can also be hard. (= After they have reached richer countries, migrants realise that life in these countries is difficult) 

We can use both words after a semi-colon (;):

  • Some of the polar ice has melted; consequently, the period of time each year when polar bears can hunt for seals has reduced. (= Because the ice has melted, polar bears have less time and fewer opportunities to hunt for seals) 

  • Fruit is picked and packed on farms; subsequently, it is transported to supermarkets and sold to members of the public. (= The fruit is first picked and packed and then/later sent to supermarkets) 

We can use the adjectives SUBSEQUENT and CONSEQUENT

  • The fall in house prices at the beginning of the year was almost insignificant, but the subsequent rise was both dramatic and unexpected. (= House prices fell a little bit and later/then rose sharply)

  • As the use of smartphones has increased, there may have been a consequent reduction in the amount of time families spend together. (= Because we use smartphones more, we may spend less time with families) 


urban areas = cities
a perilous journey = a very dangerous journey (by land, sea or air)
impoverished = poor
affluent = rich 
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